Be a Books & Ballads Rep

Can't get enough of our quirky designs? Would you like to become a rep for Books & Ballads? 
We're looking for BookTubers and Bookstagrammers with a following of 20,000+ to work with on a regular basis. Our rep search concluded in February 2017. 
However, we are always open to new brand enthusiasts. Just scroll down for the requirements. 
Here's what becoming our brand ambassador involves (aside from lots of fun and quirkiness):
- Get 3-5 free pieces from Books & Ballads everytime we release a new collection if you're a rep.
- Get 30% off all purchases if you're an enthusiast. 
- Get a unique 10% off discount code to share with your followers
- Lots of love, support, and appreciation from us. 
- Post high-quality photos showcasing Books & Ballads apparel at least once a week. All photos should be tagged @booksandballads. If you're a Youtuber, make sure to post the link to our website and your discount code in the description box. 
- If you're a Youtuber, make sure to post the link to our website and your discount code in the description box. You're expected to post at least two videos featuring our apparel in a month. 
- Reply to comments relating to Books & Ballads.
- Have a passion for all things Books & Ballads and promote the brand with enthusiasm. 
- Honest feedback on our products- what can we do to make it better? 
- Have 20,000+ followers on Youtube or Instagram
- Must be following @booksandballads on Instagram. 
- Must be a US resident
- If under 18 yrs. of age, you require parental consent 
- Can be based anywhere internationally
- Take high-quality photos of merchandise. 
- Must purchase Books & Ballads merchandise using the discount code at least once a month. 
- Require parental consent if under 18
- Must be following @booksandballads on Instagram. 
So, if you're passionate about books and quirkiness just like we are and want to share it with your fans, drop us an e-mail at with links to your social media profile and why you'd make a great a Books & Ballads rep.
You can also find more information on our Instagram page. 

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