Style and Comfort: No more Clashes

Posted on 12 January 2017



Style and Comfort Clash No More

Trying to look stylish and comfortable at the same time has been a known issue since then. Only a few have the supernatural power to conquer both style and comfort. Let’s face it ladies; we’d rather lock ourselves inside our rooms whole day straight instead of going outside with something not comfy (we understand where you’re coming from). Good news, cozy and comfy outfits are all the rage! You can even go to the bar wearing sweatpants because it’s called jogger pants now, which is a good thing for us, right? In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to look stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Get Everything Uncomfortable Out of Your Sight

Open your wardrobe. Pick all the dresses, shorts, denim pants, shoes, boots and even accessories that you’re not comfortable wearing. Put them all in a piece of plastic bag and get them out of your sight - under your bed, in the attic or your car trunk. No, you’re not throwing them away. Let’s just say you are issuing a temporary restraining order against them. By doing that, you can focus on your comfortable clothes.


Stick to Neutral Colors


Having a neutral color palette helps you be stylish no matter what you wear. It makes everything in your closet blend in with no hassle. These colors include white, cream, brown, and gray. To look for these clothes, try finding a women’s clothing sale in the stores near you. You will surely find one that will fit not only your style but your budget as well. 

Have a Signature Color


You should have at least one bright color to liven your neutrals. There are times when we want a wild look. A bright red or yellow is a good choice.


Have your Own Work Uniform


Corporate dress and suit? Nah. A simple shift dress will do and is always appropriate for the most work setting. Wearing a simple shift dress brings out sophistication and the best thing is that we can wear it all-year-round. Just pair it with the perfect jewelry, and you’re ready to go.


Matching Tops and Bottoms


Matching colors and patterns is always a great idea. This will make you look chic without much effort.


A Belt is a No-No!


We know how popular belts are but seriously, they’re overrated. A beautiful belt is expensive, and a cheap belt will ruin your look. If you want to emphasize your waist, you can try tying a flannel shirt around your waist instead of a belt on top of your favorite loose, flowing dress.


Wash Everything in Cold Water

Make sure you wash your clothes in cold water and don’t let them dry outside in the scorching sun during noon. Doing so will make the color fade. By avoiding this, you’re also avoiding buying new clothes often.



Since we’ve already given you tips on how to be chic and comfy at the same time, we think you’re ready.  Sometimes, all we need to do is just to open our closet, try this dress, that shorts, this pants, that shoes, mix and match it and everything’s good. Always put in mind, why do we need to sacrifice comfort to look gorgeous, if we can have both?



Author Bio

Jenny Park is a fashion designer by profession and a writer by heart. She writes on behalf of French Connection, a company based in Australia. She spends her free time reading about the newest and latest fashion craze on women’s clothing anywhere in the globe.

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