Mother's Day Gifts for Creative Moms

Posted on 19 April 2018

Is your mother a creative soul? No matter what your mother's passion, we've found the perfect way to say 'thank you'. 

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1. The Author Mom

So your mom's passion is writing. We've found some great gifts for her.

These Creator of Fictional Words Tees will keep her motivated through writer's blocks and dry spells. 

Price: $19.99

Available in several colors.

Need faster shipping? Order on Amazon and get Prime Shipping 

Need more motivation? Here are some colorful writing inspiration cards from Write Now Cards to keep your hard-working mom on track. 

Price: $15-$25


Scrivener: Wanna help your mom increase her productivity? Many writers swear by Scrivener, a writing software that helps organize information. 

Price: $45


2. The Etsy Mom

Is your mom more of a DIYer. Does she have her own Etsy store where she sells her unique designs? Here are some gifts to get her passion fired up.  

Our very own Creative Introvert Mug is perfect for all creative moms. Get her mornings started with some cute, quirky inspiration. Plus, she's going to remember you every time she drinks coffee. 

Price: $18. 


Passion Planners make great gifts for moms who need help getting organized. Passion Planner is a company with a heart that keeps giving. Support their environmental and education initiatives by getting a planner today. They also run quite a few sales so keep an eye out for them. 

Price: $15+


3. The Book-loving Mom

Summer's right around the corner, and these Summer Reading Totes from our Summer Collection make great gifts for book-loving moms who want their books, groceries, and laptop, all to fit in one bag. 

Price: $24


Another great gift for book-loving moms is bookmarks. There are so many beautiful bookmarks that it's hard to pick, but Obvious State has a pretty good Bloom Collection that's perfect for classic literature lovers. They also have bookish candles. 

Price: $5


We also love Lexy Olivia's colorful, high-quality bookmarks

Price: $3-5/ bookmark 


Last, but not the least, we have these unique Novel Tea Tins that pack fragrant tees in book packaging. How cool is that? 

If your mom's a tea lover, this is the perfect gift for her


Does your mom enjoy audiobooks? Get her an Audible subscription for just $14.99 a month

If she prefers e-books, Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 a month

Subscription services are also perfect for Etsy moms, creative moms and entrepreneurial moms. 


4. The Artist Mom

Does your mom find her soul in art? Here are some great gifts for her. 

A Skillshare subscription is perfect for moms who have a penchant for learning. Is your mom a constant learner

Price: $8.25/month (annual plan) or $15/ month 

Subscription Boxes are a great way to get art supplies every month without having to go to the store. Whether your mom's passion is lettering or quilting or fine art, there's a box for everyone on Cratejoy

Busy Bee Stationary Box is pictured. 


Chocolates- If all else fails, there's always chocolate because who doesn't love sweets? Many websites deliver chocolates these days so you might want to shop around for the right one. One of our faves is Shari's Berries

Be sure to say 'thank you' to your mom in a special way this Mother's Day. 

Comment below and let us know what your mom's creative profession is? 

Happy Mother's Day! 


*All images are right of their respective owners. We don't own any of these images. 

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