Interviews with Quirksters #1: Aminta Paiz

Posted on 10 November 2016

Welcome to the Books & Ballads weekly blog! Today, we're bringing you the first installation of our new Interviews with Quirksters (Quirky + Star) series. Our guest today is the multi-talented Aminta, who is a fashion blogger, model, photographer, global citizen, creative director at We Love Colors, and full of positive and quirky vibes.  Learn her secrets to finding your own quirky style. 

Short bio: 
My real name is Aminta, even though people think it's a nickname. I have been blogging about clothing as expression, self confidence and positivity for 6 years now (time flies). I was born in Guatemala, I created the Aminta Online when I was living in Mexico City, moved to Spain for a few years and now I post from Miami. 
What does ‘quirky’ mean to you?
Different, fun. 
What are 3 fashion essentials you cannot live without?
I would just reduce it to one thing, color.
If you were to pick one thing to add a little quirkiness to your outfit, what would it be?
Who or what would you say has had the greatest influence on your personal style?
I'm inspired by my surroundings, color combinations in nature such as sunsets, the ocean, flowers really amaze me. 
aminta onine booksandballads
Guilty pleasure?
Anything sweeeeeeeet... I even think I need sweet rehab.
What makes you different?
Embracing who I am, not hiding it or fake being someone else just to fit in society. (I must say it is freaking hard to stay true to yourself)
Your message to your fans:
Sounds like a cliche, but being yourself, explore who you are and have fun in your own skin.
aminta photos
What does Books & Ballads as a brand signify/ mean to you?
It's a welcoming and positive place for all the quirky ones out there, you can feel the love behind the brand and I feel so happy to get to contribute to it. 
Thank you, Aminta, for being a part of Books & Ballads' Interview series. It was wonderful having you and we wish you all the best and hope you continue to spread color, love, positivity and quirkiness through your work. 
You can find Aminta on her official blog, Aminta Online
Facebook: @amintaonline
Instagram: @amintaonline (click on the image to be redirected) 
Twitter: @amintaonline (click on the image above) 
Aminta Online Youtube
Youtube: Aminta Online  (or, click on the image) 

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