Book Review: When a Duke Loves a Woman

Posted on 21 August 2018

Happy Release Day to When a Duke Loves a Woman!

Here's my review: 

Disclaimer: Received an ARC from the publisher on Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review.

First off, I must admit I liked When a Duke Loves a Woman much more than Between Scandal and Desire. The premise, in itself, was intriguing. Our heroine, Gillie, is a tavern owner (unconventional!) and the hero is a duke who is stabbed outside her tavern. They come closer through a series of incidents.

I liked the strong heroine, the relatively less alpha hero, and the overall relationship development. Lorraine Heath delivers her signature chemistry and good writing. We also get a peek into the lives of Finn and Lavinia, who are the protagonists of the next book. Now, I'm really excited for that one.

1. Strong heroine.
2. Considerate hero
3. Good chemistry
4. Interesting premise

1. The hero was 'too nice' i.e. he tends to support Gillie unconditionally. Considering the book is set in Regency England, I don't know how believable that is. At times, it feels like he accepts everything just because it's a romance novel.

Overall, a When a Duke Loves a Woman good way to spend an evening.



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