Book Review: Manga Classics- Sense & Sensibility

Posted on 11 April 2018

I was really excited to get approved for an ARC of this book on Net Galley. Being a huge manga reader, I instantly fell in love with the concept of adapting classic western novels in a manga format.

Having never actually read Sense & Sensibility (the novel), I can't comment on how accurate the adaptation is, but I liked this manga quite a lot. Visuals bring the characters to life, and the girly art fits Austen's writing style well. I don't know why but Marianne's character reminded me of Rose of Versailles (in terms of illustration). The dialogues were taken from the book so there's no watering down of Jane Austen's language to make it accessible to modern readers. However, since she's a pretty great writer, that hardly matters.

The story itself was detailed with the classic misunderstandings and plot twists, but well done with Austen's signature observation of Regency English society. I think those in school that are trying to get into classics would enjoy this manga, as would anyone wanting a quick re-read (but not actually having time to read the novel).

1. Visual format
2. Good art- works well for the story
3. Detailed enough (312 pages, I think- that's a lot longer than it sounds)
4. Most major points were well-adapted (I assume)

1. The timeline jumps- I'm assuming this would come across much better in a novel. This book had quite a few of those: 'three months later', 'two weeks later', 'one week later'.

Overall, a pretty good, breezy read. I loved seeing Jane Austen's work in a manga format and highly recommend it.

You can buy the book here

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