Artist Interview: Kaylee Rutland

Posted on 23 March 2017

Meet Kaylee- a fresh, talented and inspiring new face in country music who was named one of Billboard's County Artists to Watch. If you haven't heard her catchy single 'Pick Me Up', you need to do that right now. Today, Kaylee talks about herself, her music and her inspirations with Books & Ballads. 

Kaylee Rutland Artist Interview

Personality Type (Myers-Briggs)


Favorite song

This changes every week, but right now I’m really into Brett Eldredge’s new single “Something I’m Good At.”

Favorite artist

Reba McEntire

Zodiac Sign


Favorite Color


Favorite Season


City of your dreams

Besides Nashville, Venice, Italy

Favorite TV Show/ Movie

The Office / You’ve Got Mail

Favorite book or writer

Jane Austen and for a more modern writer, Rick Riordan

Favorite YouTuber/ Channel

Thomas Sanders (he was more known on Vine).

Most underrated artist, in your opinion:

Hunter Hayes. His music is brilliant lyrically and musically, and he’s known mostly in the country circle, but it would be great if his name was more well-recognized elsewhere.


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl

I love your song, Pick me Up. It is also one of your most popular songs. What inspired you to write this song?

I was in a writing session with Jamie O’Neal and Minnie Murphy, we were all feeling the end of the week type vibe. Writing “Pick Me Up” really encapsulated that feeling of finishing a week and getting ready to enjoy the weekend!

How would you describe your ideal day?



-Playing my guitar and working on new music

-Hanging out with friends

-Top it off with a high-energy performance!

Which one of your songs is your personal favorite?

My favorite song to perform with my band would be “My Man.” It’s such a high-energy song and so much fun to do live. Another favorite would be “Into the Circle.” Writing this song was special for me because it’s about pursuing your dreams, and a dream of mine is to play at the Grand Ole Opry one day.


What is the best compliment you’ve received as a singer/songwriter?

Someone who had just stumbled upon my music told me how much she appreciated my style and that she would love if her daughter listened to my music because it was uplifting, upbeat and relatable. That was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever been told because as an artist I strive to create lyrics that someone can go to for an encouraging message regardless of the subject.

Kaylee Rutland More

What do you strive to achieve as an artist? How do you want to be remembered (what is the legacy you want to leave)?

As an artist I strive to create music that can be inspiring and definitely positive, no matter what the subject. I want to be the artist that someone can turn to for an uplifting message. I’ve been fortunate enough to have an incredible mentor that has taught me so much about songwriting and different ways to use my voice and ultimately my career, so that’s certainly a dream of mine to be able to be that person for someone else one day.

When did you know you for sure that wanted to be a professional recording artist? How would you describe the journey from there to now?

I was eight-years-old when I volunteered myself for a solo at the church Christmas musical. I didn’t know what I signed myself up for and I’m not sure where I found the courage, as I was relatively shy at the time, but the moment I was behind the microphone, I knew I fell in love with music! It’s been an amazing journey from then to now and I hope to continue to grow as an artist.


Do you have any other projects in the pipeline? When can we expect to hear more from you?

I am currently working on new things! I will definitely be sharing more music with y’all this year! You’ll just have to keep a look out for new songs and music videos. 

Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Do you have a message for our readers?

Thanks for the opportunity!

“I know it can be hard sometimes to figure out who you are, but it’s worth the journey, and even better to own it! Live who you are to the fullest and “Do You” if you will.

Thank you for doing this interview with us. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors. 

Kaylee Rutland Pick me Up

 You can find more about Kaylee here:

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