How to Wear High Heels with Confidence

Posted on 28 February 2016

how to wear high heels with confidence

High Heels are a wonder medicine that help women feel happy and confident about themselves. I mean, which girl doesn’t like high-heeled shoes?
Although there are flats, Mary Janes, Oxfords and gladiators, high heels shoes beat them all in popularity. Heels can instantly make any woman appear sexy and beautiful without any sign of the pain her feet are enduring.  
As beautiful and expensive your stilettos may be, wearing them could give you blisters and swollen feet-especially after long hours of walking or standing.
How to deal with it? Is pain part of the package of beauty? Nope.
Here are some tips to wear your shoes with style and confidence… minus the pain!

Choose the Right Size 

We women are often guilty of not choosing the right size of shoes-especially once you realize that the precious pair you are holding is the last piece!

No matter how good that pair of heels looks, if you do not feel comfortable in them, it’s not worth the pain. Be a smart buyer and choose the right size. Confidence and comfort are the key to beauty.
 If you are buying shoes online, get your shoe size measured accurately because shoe size can change over the years. In some cases, sizes differ from one brand to. Be sure to keep that in mind while making a purchase.
What if you already bought the wrong size and are having a difficult time every time you wear them? Here are some remedies:

It’s all about the Foam Padding

Many shoe designers and professionals swear by this trick. Shoe padding can help ease the pressure on the balls of your feet. If hurt, these could cause tingling pain and swelling especially after long hours of wear.
You can ask any shoe repair shop to add this extra padding to your shoes. This will make you feel comfortable thus enhancing your style and confidence. 


rose high heel feet

Cut off a Portion of its Spike

Cutting off an inch or so off your heels is a good idea. It generally won’t affect the extra lift that you require to complement your casual and evening dresses.
This is also a great solution for worn out heels. Instead of throwing them away, you can ask a shoe professional to shave it down for that new, trendy look. 

Straps and Ties for Extra Support

Another good way to wear your heels comfortably is to add adjustable straps, ties or buckles over the ankle. This will add extra support to your feet and help avoid loosening of shoes that could cause slip and fall accidents.
Aside from safety and comfort, extra straps also prevent your feet from slipping out of your heel every time you take a step.
There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the color and style that you prefer on your straps. Letting a shoe repair professional customize it for you saves you money and ensures comfort.

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