6 Ways to De-Stress Using Social Media

Posted on 20 February 2016

Stress is a life-killer because it steals precious moments of our lives. However, we all feel stressed and insecure sometimes and it is okay to feel that. Social media is a part of modern life and we are hard-wired to our laptops, tablets and phones all day. It has changed the way we de-stress. While Netflix marathons, romance novels, pizzas and Ben & Jerry's won't lost their appeal, here are a few innovative methods you could try. In today's post, we wanted to share six creative ways to bust stress using social media. Since it's hard to get away from, why not make social media your happiness buddy? 

1. Video games on Facebook: There's a reason you keep getting Candy Crush invitations. Facebook is filled with addictive, interesting games that keep your mind off the negative. No matter what your age or background is, you can enjoy a video game. Prepare to be pulled in like quicksand. Hongkiat has put together a list of 25 most addictive games for you to choose from. If you try this one out, don't forget to send us a candy crush invite. Haha, just kidding. 

instagram foodporn

2. Browse Images on Instagram: In many ancient cultures, color is believed to relieve stress. Warm colors like blues, greens and purples have a calming effect on the mind. Instagram is full of beautiful images of landscapes, food, fashion and art. Why not browse through these images and let the colors take away your frustrations? If you can't eat a cupcake, the next best thing is seeing delicious images on Instagram (and you don't even have to worry about calories!). 

3. Create on Polyvore: Polyvore is an online social media website that lets you create looks using clothing, accessories, makeup and home furnishings from brands all over the world. Release your creative side with Polyvore. Art therapy is a popular way to relieve stress. It isn't always possible to attend an art class or a canvas. If fashion is your way of self-expression, throw in some color and create a look online. 

polyvore books and ballads


4. Stalking people on Facebook: Warning: This is politically incorrect. Stalking is a harsh term for viewing information that is public. And, a little sadism killed nobody. Besides being an excellent way to kill time, stalking people on Facebook helps you learn more about those around you. Sometimes, it makes you feel better to see others' faults. However, try this at your own risk because seeing all your friends doing well may actually  stress you out even more. The success rate of this depends on your attitude and friend circle. 

Facebook candy crush

5. Comedy Videos on Youtube: Technically, Youtube is not social media but it qualifies for our purposes. Youtube has some great comedy videos created by popular you tubers like Superwoman, Nigahiga, College Humor and others. These videos, besides being funny are inspirational. Try it. 


6. Inspiring Quotes on Pinterest: Pinterest is filled with healthy eating and diet motivation. Not only that, it contains many inspiring quotes that will help clear that cloud of stress from over your head. Some of these may resonate with you and inspire you face whatever is stressing you out in a better way. 

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What are your favorite ways to de-stress using social media? Comment below. 

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