9 Reasons Why Reading is Sexy

Posted on 08 June 2017

Reading hasn’t got the best reputation when it comes to being seen as ‘sexy’, with many individuals thinking it is a boring and nerdy activity. But of course, we sapiosexuals and book lovers disagree.
After all, we are the ones who know how appealing reading can be. So here are nine reasons why reading is sexy. Pull one of these out the next time you need to win an argument.
Reading Can Be Charming
The primary reason why reading is said to be sexy is because it has a charm of its own. Reading books enables people to have a develop an understated charm, elegance, and grace with which they carry with themselves for the rest of their lives.
Readers are attractive and pleasant, which is very sexy, since unpleasantness is barely appealing. A charming and pleasing personality is a pleasure to be with and is one of the primary reasons why reading is sexy.
Reading Can Foster Empathy
Empathy is the capacity to experience the emotions and feelings of other sentient life forms, whether nonfictional or fictional. Reading books and the perspectives of others encourages understanding and sympathy which lead to compassion. And, many readers will agree that a mean person is a turn off. So, being compassionate is sexy.
Reading Can Improve Our Knowledge
It’s no secret that books help us gain knowledge. Books enhance our understanding of the world and its diverse aspects, increasing our awareness. Reading books empowers our intellectual capacity and allows us to learn many things of which we would have been completely ignorant.
And most of us know that ignorance is not attractive, whereas knowledge is.
Reading Is Freedom
Ask bookworms what their favorite thing about reading a book is, and it will be most probably tell you that it is the feeling of forgetting themselves and getting completely immersed in the book’s world. Most books will allow you to go anywhere you want and become whoever you want to be.
That kind of freedom is empowering, intoxicating and invigorating. No wonder that there are so many individuals who get addicted to reading books. Exploring different personalities can help us understand ourselves and the world better, thereby making it sexy to be a reader.
Reading Boosts Confidence
Bookworms don’t have long intervals of self-doubt. Unlike others, they don’t put themselves down and worry all the time about their perceived imperfections. There’s always another character you’re waiting to become. This leads to the development of an elusive quality- confidence. It is a characteristic which is astounding and totally sexy at the same time.
Reading Leads to Improvement
Most of us have experienced improvement at least once. Everyone wants to improve. We all want to grow as human beings and become better. Reading helps us improve ourselves and helps us have fun while doing new things- because we know what we’re going. The characters and the flow of the story can motivate us to succeed, and that is one of the reasons why reading is so sexy.    
Reading Is Inspiring
In today’s world, most people are in need of inspiration. Individuals who read frequently can help others by recommending a book, or perhaps even reading some inspiring and pertinent parts of a book.
They could also inspire us in the exact way we get inspired when we watch an individual do something commendable, which is very sexy.
Reading Can Help Identify Your Passion
Reading is also an excellent way to help us conclude how passionate we are about different issues and life forms. To spot this, have a look at your reading list or the books piled up in the cabinets. What do you lean towards reading?
On the other hand, a person’s book collection might turn out to be the most surprising thing about a person. It might be a complete contrast to their perceived personality.
Regardless of a person’s preferred genre, bookworms are passionate people. Reading requires patience and passion which are extraordinarily sexy attributes.
Reading Boosts Intelligence
Much of pop culture staples such as soap operas, films, and reality shows are trying to tell us that the most crucial aspect to consider in a potential boyfriend or girlfriend is physical attributes.
However, intelligence and character go far. That is what most people look for in a long-term partnership- someone who can understand inside jokes, can keep up with us, can understand us and challenge us. It’s can be extremely attractive and sexy when we discover these aspects in a partner. Reading can make a person intelligent, and that’s why reading can be very sexy.
With the bustling pace of present life, finding a time read can be tough, to say the least. But reading does not have to be just something which can make our train or bus commute to work faster because it can also help your love life. Reading can make anyone sexier in unexpected ways.
Author’s Bio:
Javier Olivo is an interior designer and writer by heart. He likes to learn more and share ideas about furniture, home improvement, and household items. During his free time, Javier writes for different blog sites or browses the internet for new ideas and knowledge.



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