7 Fashion & Beauty Tips Every Woman Wishes She Knew

Posted on 16 May 2016

Seven Fashion and Beauty Tips Every Woman Wishes She Knew 

From a young age, it is impressed upon girls that looks matter. Most women hence, end up looking for rapidly trends to give us an edge in the looks department.

As a mature woman in her late twenties now, I wish there were a few things I knew earlier. Today, I’m sharing these tips with you.


Following trends

There will always something that’s ‘in’ when it comes to fashion and beauty. Beauty fads seem to change as fast as the weather. Most trends are fanned by fashion houses to impress upon the masses what is ‘fashionable’ and drive sales.

Steer clear of the pressures of conforming to expensive trends by choosing not to blindly follow every trend out there. Developing your own sense of style will help you be more confident and comfortable in your own skin in this manner.

Find something that works for your body type and personality. Strive originality and do not be afraid to go against the grain and stand out.

 changing fashion trends

Take care of your skin and body

When you’re young, things like moisturizing your skin and consuming enough water may not be priorities. However, I wish I had paid more attention to hydration earlier. Moisturizing and cleansing your skin often will pay dividends in the long run. Health is not just about superficiality. Love and value yourself enough to invest time in taking good care of yourself.

Other tips that help are: taking up a new sport, working out three time a week, cutting down on alcohol and stimulants and hydrating often. Taking care of yourself is the best way to stay beautiful.

 take care of your skin

Go for quality beauty products

Investing in quality beauty products is one of the wiser decision I’ve made. Always make sure you do some background research before buying beauty products lest you end up using products that cause an adverse reaction.

A lot of trial and error is involved in selecting the right beauty products. However, when you finally discover what you are comfortable with, stick with it and do not compromise on quality. This goes for skin care products, makeup brands as well as hair products.

buy quality makeup 

Wash your makeup off before going to sleep

We all feel tired after a long hard day, but trust me, sleeping with makeup is a bad idea. Your skin needs to breathe at night. Leaving makeup on will end up up clogging your pores which might lead to acne.

The only thing you should wear to sleep is moisturizer. Always cleanse your face before bedtime. This way, you will always be waking up with your skin looking supple and soft.

 wash your makeup off before bedtime

Wear sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen when spending time in the sun. Sunscreens protect you from harmful ultra violet (U.V) rays that sunscreen could cause cancer. Furthermore, sun damage causes accelerated ageing of the skin. It also causes wrinkling, age spots, sunburns and discoloration. So make sure you pop some sunscreen on before leaving the house.

sunscreen beach sea 

Invest and take care of clothes you love

While buying clothes, go for pieces that you can visualize yourself wearing a few years down the line. This goes back to the importance of developing your own sense of style. Buy clothes based on fashion trends and make sure that the clothes you go for are high quality.

Also remember to take care for the clothes you have. For example, stretchable clothes such as jeggings should dry naturally to make sure they do not expand unevenly. You turn your jeans inside out before washing them to reduce their rate of fading.

 invest in clothing

Learn how to use makeup from someone who is good at it

Makeup can transform a beautiful face into a striking one depending on how it is used. Learn how to use makeup from an experienced friend or colleague. There are loads of makeup videos and tips that you could find online. Experiment and conquer.

Again, remember to buy good quality makeup. Consulting a professional while purchasing makeup helps.

learn to apply makeup 

We hope you loved these tips. Remember to be yourself and let your inner beauty shine.

Let us know which of these tips was your favorite in the comments box below.


Author bio:

Priyanka Chowdary is a professional content writer at Coupon Machine. She has done her post graduation in English from The University of Calcutta and has flair to write articles on Tech, fashion, Health, Fitness, Beauty and Diet.You can follow her on Google plus.





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