Decoding Dress Codes: White Tie to Casual

Posted on 04 May 2016

When about to attend an event with a dress code one often feels at a loss as to what to wear. Well, worry no more. Here’s the definitive guide on dressing for events. This one's for you, gentlemen. 

White Tie Formals

White tie formal events are as formal as it gets. Most people never attend one in their life but if you happen to attend one, we’ve got you covered. Diplomatic affairs and elite events fall under this category.

Depending on the time of the day, the dress code can vary a little. A tail coat and vest may be appropriate in the day time while a white tie is the top choice for the evening.

However, since such events are extremely rare, we rarely have formal clothes in our wardrobes. A great tip to rent clothes if invited to such an event.

 white tie dressing

Black Tie Semi-Formals

Like the formal white tie event, a black tie semi-formal has a pretty strict dress code. It varies depending on the time of the day. While a daytime ensemble may ensue wearing a stroller, an evening event will require a tuxedo.

For black tie events, make sure that your outfit fits well. This may require a couple of weeks depending on the level of alteration or tailoring your garment requires. Therefore, when invited to a black tie formal, start preparing for it a couple of weeks before the actual event.

 black tie events dressing

Business Dress Code 

You will come across this dress code most often for daytime light hearted events like brunches, church, or weddings.

A good ensemble for this dress code would entail a dark colored suit with a white dress shirt and somber colored tie.

You could go for a patterned or light colored suit for a more casual event. The preferred attire would encompass of a dark colored, possibly patterned, suit with a white dress shirt and tie.

business casual

Business casual

Business casual is a common dress code for social events. This dress code covers a wide range of events so we’re going to give you a few suggestions. An outfit of choice entails khakis or slacks paired with a Custom design shirt. You can swap the custom shirt for a sports jacket/blazer or a sweater depending on the formality of the event.

Make no mistake, jeans are still not acceptable at business casual events. It is wiser to arrive dressed up at an event than dressed down. It is easier to rectify a dressed up outfit than a dressed down one- better safe than sorry!

business formal dress code


Denim lovers rejoice! Jeans are completely acceptable for casual events- not just any kind of jeans, though. Prefer dark, straight-legged jeans over ripped, faded ones. Lose the sports jacket and the tie. However, if you want to raise the style quotient, you can wear a blazer for a more polished look. 

casual dress code

So, there you go- the mystery of dress codes solved in 10 minutes.  

Let us know what you thought about our occasion dressing guide in the comments section below.


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