Netflix Marathon Essentials

Posted on 14 April 2016

Binge-watching is a reality of modern life. If you’re planning a Netflix marathon this weekend, this blog post is for you. Binge-watching is a great staycation idea as well as a way to get some ‘me-time’ after a stressful work week. Here are a few Netflix Marathon essentials to ensure smooth sailing.

  1. Comfort in a T-shirt: No matter what kind of staycation you’re planning, a comfy t-shirt is a necessity. Comfortable clothing will help you relax and unwind. Here are a few options for you.
  2. Netflix: The star of the show. Make sure your internet connection is working fine and you're all set up to enjoy your day in. 
  3. Sugar, spice and everything nice: You need sweet, salt and hydration to get through the weekend. Stop by the grocery store on Friday and buy your favorite snacks. If you’re watching your weight, grab some low calorie popcorn and ice cream. You can even make your own healthy ice cream and popcorn treats. Don’t forget to grab some water to keep you hydrated through the day. cupcakes
  4. One-minute Spa: Keep your favourite spa oil/ scrub or mask handy. You can apply it before the video starts and wash it off during an advertisement or when you need a break. Now that’s called killing two birds with one stone. Here are a few face pack recommendations:
  5. Tissues: Tissues are video-viewing essentials. Whether it’s to wipe those tears or to keep yourself dry, you need a box of tissues by your side.
  6. Red Wine: If you’re really going for it, try sipping a glass of red wine to help you relax.

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