10 Tips for Effective Book Covers

Posted on 11 June 2018

After writing the book the most important factor is how it is represented. Even though the phrase is ‘Don't Judge a Book by its cover', people will still do it. The cover is what attracts the attention of the reader towards the book and unless until you're a really famous writer whose name is enough to sell the book, you will need to appeal to your readers through the cover of the book. Your cover is a strategic tool to entice people into reading your book.

Same goes for a catalog. A catalog's cover design needs to be inviting for the reader. It should be unique enough to envelop the reader into discovering about the product or service even more. Here are few tips to make sure your readers are involved with your book

You Need to Think like Your Reader

Today many people are reading books in the form of e-Books or reading it on Kindle, and even if they buy a hardcopy they tend to make the order online. Therefore you need to understand that the cover of your book is going to be the thumbnail and the text and images will need to be discernible in that space and size. Ensure that the name of the book and the message your books want to convey is easily readable. Try to make the readers ‘feel' something with your words and images instead of just telling them something about the book.

Understand Your Audience

The first question you need to ask before designing your cover is who is your target audience? You need to understand the mindsets of the people you're writing the book for, understand the latest trends of their generation and know what is going to capture their attention.  The older generation might want serene calming colors and pictures, while the younger generation might want something hippy and thrilling. 

Avoid Clichés

Try to avoid the obvious images and pictures you see on the books in your genre. You don't want to get lost in the sea of books available out there. Your cover needs to depict how your book is different from the others and conveying a different message. If your book is about finance do not stick to the clichéd piggy banks and coin tree images. They are ordinary and shoe no sign of original thinking. The same mesa age will be delivered to your readers.

Stick to your Key Message

One of the most important things to be written on the cover of your book is the point of your book. The reader might be unable to comprehend what your book is about even though it is something that appeals to them. Having a small crisp sentence relaying the core of your book is always helpful.

Make Your Readers Feel

One of the most important components of attracting your readers is the picture you use. It should be capturing and real enough to make the readers feel something.

Don't use unprofessional images

It's always advised not to use the easily available images like the ones you find in clipart or your own or your children's artwork. Do not put the image in a box. All of these make your book really unappealing and unprofessional.

Trust your Designer

Once you have given your designer all the information they need, trust them to create something magical and new for you. It might not be what you had in mind but it should definitely be better.

Use Social Media

Using social media is one of the best ways to get feedback on your cover and understand what the readers feel about the cover and make improvements before finalizing it.

Some things to Avoid

Avoid gradients, color combinations, special styling fonts and comic sans and papyrus as fonts for your cover. They will ruin your cover.

Use a contest to find your Designer

Again why not use the gift of the internet to find the perfect designer for you. You can find the perfect designer for yourself by arranging for a contest. This lets you compare and choose the best designer for your work.

The cover of your book is the first thing the people will notice about your book or catalog. Make sure it is powerful enough to engage them by using the above-mentioned tips.


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